What does Judaism believe about the afterlife?  What does atonement and salvation mean in a Jewish context?  How does the Hebrew text of our bibles reveal meanings that are often lost in translation?  Most importantly, how can people of all faiths learn to pray and work together?

Rabbi Dr. Barbara Thiede is a passionate advocate of interfaith conversation.  She was an advisor for the Levine Museum of the New South’s exhibit on the three Abrahamic faiths and has co-organized interfaith events with local churches such as McGill Baptist Church, Mt. Hermon Lutheran Church, and Trinity United Church of Christ.

Programs Rabbi Thiede has offered to area churches and civic institutions include:

  • Torah, Talmud, and Tikkun Olam:  What is Judaism’s Dream?
  • Can It Really Be Said in One Sentence?  Essential Tenets of Judaism
  • Chanting and Exploring Torah: The Role of the Torah in a Jewish Service
  • The Other Becoming One’s Own: Rereading Rahab
  • Pentecost and Shavuot: Finding Jewish Origins in Christian Texts
  • What does it Really Say?  Genesis (not) in Translation
  • Islam and Judaism: Shared Creeds, Shared Deeds
  • Kabbalah: Beyond the Red Thread
  • From Wordplay to Metaphor: Language and Mystery in the Hebrew Bible
  • Where was/is God?  Theodicy After the Holocaust
  • What the Bible Tells Us NOT to Say: Lashon Hara and Public Discourse
  • What’s Sex Got to Do With It?  Women and Gender in Judaism

For information on interfaith lifecycle events, click here.

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