Rabbi Dr. Barbara Thiede

Rabbi Thiede delights in demonstrating the rich beauty of Jewish culture, tradition, and heritage.  “It’s not about what you know,” she says, “it’s about what you want to know.”

Rabbi Thiede is a full-time professor at UNC-Charlotte’s Department of Religious Studies.  She serves the graduate school at UNCC and has also recently become a member of the ALEPH VAAD, which oversees all ordination programs for the seminary.  She teaches regularly for the ALEPH ordination programs and serves as a Director of Studies for rabbinic students.  Her courses include the study of Hebrew Bible, Judaism, the history of European anti-Semitism, and even Jewish magic! Teaching and writing are her passion; she regularly delivers  lectures on Jewish history, culture, and religion for colleges, religious, and secular institutions.  Rabbi Thiede blogs at adrenalinedrash.com.

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