December 2014 Shmoozeletter

The December 2014 Shmoozeletter is on line (please click here).  This is the final issue; we have changed to a weekly push system – The Loop.  If you do not receive the Loop but would like to, please contact Ralf Thiede (  Highlights:

  • Final Issue
  • MiLev HaPardes
  • Fund raising results and donations
  • Marilyn’s Kvelling Corner
  • Dinner, Dancing, and Dessert 2015
  • Birthdays, Yahrzeits, and contact information

November 2014 Shmoozeletter

Welcome to an exciting month for Temple Or Olam!  The November 2014 Shmoozeletter is on line (click here to open it).  Among the highlights this month:

  • ‘Israel Today’: Presentation and discussion with Dr. Kathryn Johnson, UNC Charlotte, after dinner at Panera (8034 Concord Mills Blvd), Nov. 7 at six o’clock
  • ISJL Weekend and Shabbaton with Lex Rofes, November 21-23 / tentative schedule
  • Call for crash space: Hosting Lex Rofes Nov. 17, 18, and 19
  • MiLev HaPardes: What is ‘Judaism’?
  • Board Meeting minutes, Oct. 26
  • new officers to be appointed Nov. 16: President, Director of Outreach, Director of Religious Services
  • Report on a very successful Sukkot camp-out
  • Hanukkah preparations
  • New, joyous kvells from Marilyn Atlas
  • Precious Moments: Pictures from Sukkot
  • Planning for Dinner, Dancing, and Dessert February 07 (tickets go on sale Nov. 15)
  • calendar, birthdays, yahrzeits, and contact information

October 2014 Shmoozeletter

G’mar chatima tova!  (A good sealing.)  The October 2014 Shmoozeletter is on line (click here).  Highlights:

  • October services: Kol Nidre (Oct. 3), Yom Kippur (Oct. 4), Simchat Torah (Oct. 17)
  • Rabbi Thiede on Yizkor (‘MiLev HaPardes’)
  • Rabbi Thiede to publish in an important series on Jewish spirituality
  • More signups requested for SignupGenius, esp. break-fast food
  • ‘The Gates are Closing’ performed on Yom Kippur
  • Or Olam’s first Sukkot camp-out: Oct. 11-12
  • Kvelling Corner: Tim Funk’s Sep. 20 article on our congregation
  • Know your Aleph-bet: ayin
  • donations, calendar, birthdays, yahrzeit, contact addresses

September 2014 Shmoozeletter

gates are closingThe September 2014 Shmoozeletter is on line (please click here).  See the complete High Holy Days listings, read about the Love Song Service at UNC Charlotte, and catch up with news about ourselves and about each other.  Highlights:

  • Love Song Service at UNC Charlotte, Sep. 5
  • Complete High Holy Days schedule
  • Setup- and takedown arrangements, HHD child care
  • Rabbi Thiede on accepting ‘the other’
  • ‘The Gates are Closing’: Play performed on Yom Kippur afternoon (Oct. 4)
  • What I did this summer: The Jacobson and Kanofsky kids share their adventures
  • Kvelling Corner: Keri Huneycutt
  • Know your Aleph-Bet: The Samech (especially suitable for the High Holy Days)
  • Calendar, birthdays, yahrzeits, and contact information

August 2014 Shmoozeletter

The August 2014 Shmoozeletter is on line (here).  Highlights:

  • August services (Aug. 08, Aug. 22)
  • From the President: Making Growth Happen
  • MiLev HaPardes: Outreach and Universalism
  • Board Meeting minutes (July 27)
  • How our PR works
  • Setup and Takedown signup arrangements
  • Gleaning
  • High Holy Days Play: The Gates are Closing
  • Successful Lenora Stein Grant
  • Love Song service: UNC Charlotte Sep. 05
  • Chaverah: A new service (Ginger Jensen)
  • A Kvell for the Rabbi
  • Teenagers reporting in: Leta, Leanna, and John
  • Israeli Dancing August 23
  • Calendar, Birthdays, Yahrzeits, and contact information

July 2014 Shmoozeletter

The July 2014 Shmoozeletter is now on line (please click here).  Highlights:

  • The Love Song Service!  July 18 at 7:00
  • Minutes of the Annual Meeting, June 06
  • Separate accounts: Where to send what payment
  • Move to Piedmont UU Church complete
  • New oneg arrangements to get used to
  • Cookbook published by Earl and Cheryl Greenwald
  • Kvelling Corner
  • Traveling Teens report in
  • Saying Goodbye to McGill Baptist Church on June 29
  • Know your Aleph-Bet: The Nun
  • Calendar, birthdays, and yahrzeits (Arthur Kingberg turns 90!)

June 2014 Shmoozeletter

The June 2014 Shmoozeletter is on line (please click here).  Highlights:

  • June 1 Shavuot at Dalton Park 5790 Poplar Rd., Concord (10 am to 2 pm)
  • June 6 Annual Meeting at 6 pm (McGill) / service at 7 pm / dinner
  • June 14 Or Olam Flea Market fundraiser at Advent Lutheran Church, Charlotte
  • June 20 Kabbalat Shabbat Service at Piedmont UU Church
  • June 28 Israeli Dancing with Penny (Piedmont UU Church)
  • MiLev HaPardes: Radical Hospitality (Or Olam moves to Piedmont UU)
  • Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes, May 18
  • Marilyn’s Kvelling Corner
  • Know your Aleph-Bet: Memes about Mem
  • June Birthdays and Jahrzeits

May 2014 Shmoozeletter

The May 2014 Shmoozeletter is on line (click  here).  Highlights:

  • Services May 09 and 23 (McGill)
  • This year’s theme for TOO: The Role of Non-Jews
  • Board of Directors’ meeting minutes
  • TOO committees
  • Community School of Davidson: Holocaust Exhibit
  • Kvelling Corner
  • Charlotte Miller on ‘Walking to Sinai’
  • The Letter lamed
  • calendar, birthdays, yahrzeits, board directory

Shmoozeletter April 2014

The April 2014 Shmoozeletter is on line (here).  Highlights:

  • Kabbalat Shabbat service April 4, McGill
  • Community Passover Seder April 19, 3:30, PUUC
  • MiLev HaPardes: Dream for the Unfree
  • Board of Directors’ Meeting minutes
  • planning for the Annual Meeting (June 6)
  • Kvelling Corner: The Dynamic Duo
  • recipe for gluten-free matzo balls
  • preparations for Yom HaShoah

March 2014 Shmoozeletter

The March 2014 Shmoozeletter is on line (please click here).  Highlights:

  • Services March 7 and March 21
  • Rabbi Barbara on discovering the sacred in Shabbat
  • Board of Directors’ Meeting briefing
  • Report on Dinner, Dancing, and Dessert fundraiser
  • Report on ISJL weekend (March 1-2)
  • Purim!  March 15.  With Israeli dancing, the 2000-year-old Man, and Outrageous Kippah Contest.
  • Announcement of Community Seder: April 19
  • Kvelling Corner: Marilyn Atlas
  • Excursion to Imax: ‘Jerusalem’ – March 29
  • Know your Aleph-Bet: Kaf
  • A recipe for Chocolate Almond Passover Cake
  • A page full of thank-you’s
  • Calendar, birthdays, yahrzeit, and a list of Board members
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