We are a havurah in the real sense of the word: A group of friends. We  pray, celebrate our holidays, cook and bake together, and even watch the occasional movie on a Jewish topic of some kind. We like finding ways to work together for tikkun olam. We choose to be with one another because we enjoy each other’s company.

We are profoundly interested in Jewish learning and shared Jewish experience. Our ethics define our behavior; our members help sustain each other. Numbers and size do not define our community. Heartfelt and joyous commitment does.

Rabbi Barbara Thiede leads services once a month and offers a full complement of High Holy Days services.  Our members organize and lead a plethora of creative community activities — from Jewish culinary arts classes to tikkun olam projects to festival celebrations.  Events are listed on our calendar; you’ll find time and location as well as descriptions of upcoming events there.

Mark the dates!  December 8 we’ll hold a Kabbalat Shabbat service that will help us all learn how to travel through the architecture of prayer.  December 10, 3 p.m., at the Kittie M. Samson Chapel at Barber Scotia College will be Cabarrus County’s first-ever Interfaith Prayer Service headed by the Cabarrus County Clergy Coalition, initiated by Pastor Nathan King of Trinity United Church of Christ in Concord and our own Rabbi Barbara Thiede of Temple Or Olam.  December 16th, 6-8 p.m. at McGill Baptist will be our Hanukkah party, a celebration that will include everything from a spirit-nourishing reflection to the Hellenistic Purge, a game anyone can play.   Check our calendar for times and locations!

Rabbi's Blog (updated August 13)

We Would Repay You Tenfold – Answering America’s Dreamers (DACA)

The story is familiar, known, somehow visceral. It is all those things because I am a Jew.

It’s not as though we Jews do not know what it is to live in fear of expulsion. It’s not as if we Jews don’t know what it is to live on the edge of legality, without protection of kings, dukes, or modern states. It’s not as if we Jews did not carry centuries’ worth of living at the margins, in the darkness, in fear. We will be sent out, we will be thrust into danger, hunger, even death.

I do not exaggerate. Some 800,000 young people may very well be shunted back into just such a world. The government has all their information, can find them easily enough, can deport them and their families – and not infrequently to places where their lives are at risk.

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